text 24 90 PDX7;
[ written by Frank Barknecht , 2001 (


First you need PD. Get it from Miller Puckette's website.

Download the pdx7 tar-gz-archive: pdx7-010801.tgz [version number = `date`].
[You probably have to right-click and choose "save link"]

Read the manual.

More stuff

rx7~ - New! rx7~ might replace PDX7 in the near future. It's a DX7 emulator based on RX/Saturno, but realized as an external and it's rather experimental. Get the tarball rx7-020214.tar.gz

buzz~ has been my first external. It generates a signal from a set of harmonically related partials. Amplitude and number of these partials are controllable. Included in the package buzz-0.2.1.tar.gz are binaries for Windows and Linux. The Windows binaries and Makefile were kindly donated by Olaf Matthes.

Also hidden in this place are my experiments with analog drum kits. My drummachine includes bassdrum, hihat and snare controlled by three 16-step sequencers. These patches require the great IEMLIB for PD. I like the bassdrum, but I don't like the hihat and I hate my snare. Please send me better drums! No samples allowed, though.

I started exploring the use of LADSPA-plugins in PD. A first application is a frontend for Steve Harris' hermesFilter. I called it hermes-control. Included in the package is a small test ptach, sinesums.pd. This also requires the great IEMLIB for PD and the plugin~ external. It will of course only run under Linux.

As a special service to users of Debian GNU/Linux I have put my pre-packed version of PD here. Please don't use mine, if there are packages with the same or a greater version number in the main Debian distribution. Also please don't report bugs in my packages to the Debian bug tracking system, these packages are unofficial. Current package is: pd_0.35.0-test11_i386.deb [= pd-0.35-test11.linux.tar.gz]


oxygen is a short track that uses buzz~ for its bass line and some rx7~ presets. The drums were made with the nice iiwu soundfont player external, the midi file itself created with MusE.

min - 7.5 mb monotonic mono mp3 done entirely in PD.