text 24 90 PDX7;
[ written by Frank Barknecht , 2001 (


First you need PD. Get it from Miller Puckette's website.

Then download and unpack the pdx7 tar-gz-archive. You will find a directory "pdx7". Inside there are a lot of patches, the main patch is called "pdx7.pd". Open it with PD. Now just click the "startall bang" message to start the sequencer with a default setting and a default bassline.

Now it's fun to change some algorithms in the [algorithm] window. Open it by clicking on it and choose some other operator routings. If you need more control, you can open the oscillator matrix and change the modulation by hand.

In the presets window you can set the FM-index and FM-modulation values. Be careful: Don't set the index* values higher than 1, better shift click on the number boxes.

If you have found a sound you like, go back to the main screen. In the lower right corner the save slots are. Select a slot number with the number boxes, then click the "bang" to save this sound. Be careful not to overwrite your favourite sounds, pdx7 doesn't ask. To restore a setting, change the matching slot number at the restore-settings box, then bang it.